Diversity of academic perspectives
- Variety in specializations
- Cohesiveness, Teamwork and Self leadership
- Openness for Interdisciplinary collaboration
- Indigenous and culturally relevant approach to teaching and research.


- Insufficient space and infrastructure
- Lack of teaching and administrative staff
- Inappropriate teacher- student ratio for in-depth knowledge generation and dissemination
- Lack of national and international collaborations


- Concept of Meta University
- Scholarships provided to students by Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Delhi
- Financial assistance provided by Punjabi Academy, Delhi; Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Delhi and MHRD etc. for organizing seminars, conferences and special lectures etc.
- Location advantages and Internationalization
- Faculty’s participation in different DD, AIR, Zee Punjabi, PTC channel’s programmes.


- To make use of information technology for preparation of e-learning researches and utilization of it in the right perspective.
- Teaching learning challenges for a great diversity.